Performance Pay for Teachers

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Lessons learned from imposing performance-related pay on teachers

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Educators Take Another Crack At Teacher Performance Pay

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March 21, In San Francisco, a new plan is being implemented which provides increased compensation is based upon the extra duty for teachers and assignment to a hard to staff school. This is a newly implement plan, which has not produced sufficient data or analysis as of yet. First, in Johnsburg, teachers must achieve certain performance criteria or.

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The plan was passed by the legislature in and has been implemented in at least two districts. What follows are various resources which may contain information relative to the concepts of merit pay and other forms of teacher compensation.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Teacher Pay-for-Performance

Gutherie, J. Enterprise Bargaining Agreements may constrain the implementation of performance pay schemes. However, based on a conversion of bonuses used in performance pay schemes in the United Kingdom, costs are estimated to be low. Have you considered other, more cost effective, ways to improve teacher performance, such as high quality continuing professional development?

Given the lack of evidence that performance pay significantly improves the quality of teaching, resources may be better targeted at identifying and recruiting high quality teachers.

How will you make sure that performance pay does not lead to a narrower focus on the measures used to assess teacher performance, or to teachers focusing on the performance of particular groups of students? All rights reserved.

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Low impact, low cost, based on limited evidence. Average cost.

Performance pay

Evidence security. What is it? How effective is it?