Get Picked: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Creating Irresistible Speaker Proposals

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As an 8th grader, Aurora was a finalist in a speech contest. Some of the biggest brands in business have worked with her to get their message right, create communications programs that connect with target audiences and set marketing strategies — all achieving stellar results. David is an expert storyteller and seasoned writer who has mastered the fine art of marketing, communications and public relations…all modesty aside. He has earned an oustanding reputation for his ability to transform industry and technical jargon into engaging, comprehensible language and infusing content with compelling stories for maximum impact.

He has years of experience creating speaker proposals, helping hundreds of experts claim speaking spots at regional, national and international conferences. Putting words in the mouths of clients comes easily to David, having spent 17 years as a network television comedy writer. Sam is a keynote speaker on the topic of mental health and corporate wellness programs.

By Dr. I have students who are pursuing a new career in academia, as well…. Avoiding these five stumbling blocks can…. If speaking at conferences is your goal, you need the secrets to creating an irresistible speaker proposal! Order Get Picked Today. Audiences are more engaged, ask more questions, and find my talks more memorable when I include lots of visual examples in my slide decks. We recently surveyed nearly conference speakers about their presentation designs and found that A great example of a high visual presentation is the iconic AirBnB pitch deck design , which includes no more than 40 words per slide.

You can then apply this process to our professional presentation templates , creating unique presentation decks with ease!


Our online presentation maker tool makes customizing these templates easy. Instead, identify a single central message that you would like to communicate to your audience. Then build your presentation around that core message. By identifying that core message, you can ensure that everything you include in your presentation supports the goal of the presentation.

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By cutting these extra details, you can transform forgettable text-heavy slides:. Use the recommendations above to keep your text in check. According to Nancy Duarte a presentation guru , your audience should be able to discern the meaning of your slides in 6 seconds or less.

Download Get Picked Tips Tricks And Tools For Creating Irresistible Speaker Proposals

Since your audience will tend to read every word you place on each slide, you must keep your text to an absolute minimum. Pull out quotes and important numbers, and make them a focus of each slide. As I mentioned above, audiences struggle when too much information is presented on a single slide. This helps ensure that the visuals remain the focus of the slide. Using the text in this way, to simply state a single fact per slide, is a sure-fire way to make an impact in your presentation. This might mean you end up with a slide deck with a ton of slides. If you ask me, this approach is completely flawed.

In my mind, the longer I spend sitting on a single slide, the more likely I am to lose the interest of my audience.

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  6. Use as many slides as you need, as long as you are presenting a single message on each slide, as seen in the lengthy presentation template below. As important as having one major takeaway per slide is having visuals that highlight the major takeaway on each slide. You can add visuals by grouping and integrating information into visual frameworks like timelines :.

    Or by representing simple concepts with icons, as seen in the modern presentation design below.

    Using the same color for every icon helps create a polished look. Just make sure the colors are complimentary, and style is consistent throughout the presentation i.

    Any time you have important stats or trends you want your audience to remember, consider using a chart or data visualization to drive your point home. Irrelevant or poorly chosen visuals can hurt you as much as they help you. Below is an example of how to use stock photos effectively. They are more thematic than literal, and are customized with fun, bright icons that set a playful tone.

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    The content and visual design of a presentation should be seamless. It should never seem like your text and visuals are plopped onto a template.

    Be consistent about using British or American spellings in your writing.

    Here are a few simple ways to make your presentation slide design more effective. And audiences zone out when they get lost. To help reorient your audience every once in a while, you can use something I like to call scaffolding slides.

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    Scaffolding slides appear throughout a presentation to denote the start and end of major sections. The core scaffolding slide is the agenda slide, which should appear right after the introduction or title slide.

    It outlines the major sections of the presentation. At the beginning of each section, you should show that agenda again but highlight the relevant section title, as seen below. Alternatively, you can achieve a similar effect by numbering your sections and showing that number on every slide.