Environmental Microbiology: From Genomes to Biogeochemistry

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Special projects on Polar Ocean microbiology.

Theme leader for: Microorganisms as Ecosystem Engineers also heavily engaged in the functional diversity and microbial interactions working group. My research interests include abundant and uncultivated microorganisms, many of which are free-living, small cells with small genomes. When they feature a free-living lifestyle, interactions with other organisms via exchange of vitamins and other public goods might be a fundamental requirement for their existence.

I study cultures and microbial community assemblages to shed light on these microbial interactions. My research interest is the interactions between pollutants and microorganisms.

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I currently focus on the mercury transformations by microorganisms in wetland, with special interest on mercury methylation in boreal peatlands and rice paddy soil. This project will lead to a better understanding of reactivity and origin of the DOM and the roll that microorganisms play in the global C cycle. Dale Kiefer. Joseph S. Esther Angert. Kari E. Adronie Verbrugghe. Mike Belosevic. Edward Topp. Marlene Fouad Shehata. Michel J. Anne Adkins. University of Winnipeg. Eric Webb.

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Kenneth H. Martin Wiedmann. Randy Worobo.

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    Expert In: Microbiology Biological research and the law Intellectual property. Expert In: Molecular microbiology Antibiotic-resistant bacteria Bacteria pathogenesis Prokaryotic glycobiology.

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    Expert In: Marine microbiology Antarctic seas Bio-optical interpretation of ocean color imagery Biological oceanography. Expert In: Environmental biology and microbiology Biodegradation of hazardous waste Biological methods for air treatment Environmental engineering.


    Environmental Microbiology: From Genomes to Biogeochemistry, 2nd Edition

    Expert In: Soil microbiology Applied soil ecology Microbially mediated soil processes Molecular microbial ecology. Expert In: Environmental microbiology Comparative molecular immunology Environmental health Fish immunology. We celebrate cultural nights to share food and traditions from our home countries with our colleagues, and the MPI hosts a summer fest and a great Christmas party!

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