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Dust Jacket Condition: Near Fine. First American Edition. An exploration, from New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the world's most mysterious fish. Brown spine with gilt titles over dark blue boards. No inscriptions. Jacket is unclipped. A lovely copy. Published by Guernica Editions CA Seller Inventory GZ Galway, Ireland.

Although it might seem the most mundane of fish when pulled from the mud of creeks, ponds, rivers or the sea, the eel's life cycle is one of the most remarkable on the planet. The author chronicles these creatures in all their aspects: their natural history to their market value; their occurence in art and literature; and their threatened status.

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View basket. Continue shopping. Eels You Searched For: Title: eels. United Kingdom. Search Within These Results:. The time spent in fresh and saltwater is partly determined by the relative availability of food in these two mediums. After migrating downstream as young sh, salmon roam the oceans for between one and six years, often travelling thousands of miles. They mingle with others besides sh from their home river.

Fish from both sides of the Atlantic share a common feeding ground off western Greenland. Pacic species also become jumbled up.

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Then, as they mature sexually, salmon perform an astonishing feat of biological reorganization, separating into distinct groups of compatriots that head for their respective home streams examples of straying to the other side of the Atlantic are extremely rare. Salmon re-enter their rivers year round, but some only run in late summer or autumn. A profound physiological transformation during a sojourn in brackish water equips the salmon for re-entry into freshwater.

Because the salt concentrates in their bodies are usually higher than in the surrounding freshwater, they do not need to drink while in rivers. Water flows into their tissues toward these salt concentrations. In the ocean, however, the salt concentration in the water is much greater than in a shs body, so the water flow is reversed. To rectify this water loss, the marine salmon must reverse the operation of its salt pumps to absorb water, expelling excess salt through its gills.

Many Atlantic salmon face relatively short upstream journeys compared to their Pacic cousins. European salmon rivers are often less than a hundred miles long, allowing for a fairly leisurely pace. On Scotlands Dee and Spey, daily rates of between 0. By contrast, some Pacic populations face staggering journeys. Averaging between 16 and 32 kilometres daily, they may clock up a much higher rate if their spawning grounds lie far upstream.

At Dawson City, 2, kilometres up the Yukon,. Salmon also need tremendous energy reserves because of the potential delays they face in the shape of floods, low water and obstructions; they may wait weeks below a waterfall until conditions are right for an ascent.

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Laboratory experiments in which a sockeye swam at a rate of 2. Another experiment involved observing sockeye on a sh-ways treadmill; they climbed continuously for ve days the equivalent of 6, metres. Eluding predators and surmounting obstacles also demands bursts of speed. And salmon can make faster and more abrupt turns than any other sh. On leaving the sea, salmon stop eating. A century ago, many sh biologists and anglers found it barely credible that a sh could go for so long sometimes up to a year without eating. It would be inexplicable, indeed, remarked the American sportsman Charles Hallock, if salmon alone of all creatures, were not required by nature to fortify and strengthen themselves for the supremest act of physical existence.

Huxley, the British scientic all-rounder, was less impressed by their ability to cope on an empty stomach, pointing out that they had gorged at sea while swimming in a species of animal soup. He dropped prawns and sweets off a bridge over the Tay, commenting that they were readily taken, but after a few nibbles the sh allowed them to fall to the bottom. At the point of spawning, the ovaries may constitute over 15 per cent of the hens live body weight, while the cocks testes are ve times heavier than when he quit the sea.

On reaching the coast, salmon run the gauntlet of a predatory horde.

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If they survive seals, otters, porpoises and herons, they face human shermen armed with nets, traps, spears and rods. In addition to dams and weirs, other impediments may confront them. Construction of the Canadian Northern Pacic Railroad triggered a massive rockslide that plugged Hells Gate canyon, kilometres up British Columbias Fraser River, effectively preventing further upstream migration of the major portion of the sockeyes autumn run in This was the worlds greatest salmon run and spawning sockeye backed up for 16 kilometres below the blockage, choking the river with red bodies packed together like seeds in a pomegranate to quote a Canadian poet.

Nonetheless, as Walton remarked, salmon can surmount obstacles even to a height beyond common belief. Andrew Young of Invershin, Scotland, manager of the Duke of Sutherlands nineteenth-century salmon sheries, reckoned that an upward, slanting leap of 12 feet 3. Their indefatigability was legendary. In the s, a British salmon biologist observed repeated efforts to scale a sixfoot fall that lasted an hour.

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Another fanciful and surprisingly tenacious view was that the salmon held its tail in its mouth and bent itself taut like a bow before jerking itself upward by suddenly letting go. In his early seventeenth-century English epic poem,. Poly-olbion, Michael Drayton described this accomplishment at the falls Salmons leape that rear up as sh enter the Tivy in west Wales.

Heere, when the labouring sh doth at the foote arrive, And nds that by his strength he does but vainly strive; His taile takes in his teeth; and, bending like a bowe Thats to the compasse drawn, aloft himself doth throwe, Then springing at his height, as doth a little wand That bended end to end, and started from mans hand, Far off itself doth cast; so does the Salmon vault: And if, at rst, he faile, his second Summersaut Hee instantlie assaies; and, from his nimble Ring Still yarking, never leaves untill himselfe he fling Above the streame full top of the surrounded heape17 Others believed that airborne salmon propelled themselves higher by flapping their tails.

In actuality, responding to sound vibrations, they negotiate falls by jumping from the spot where most water is falling, diving deep to reach the upward moving water that provides a vital added boost. So, a waterfall considerably lower than 3.

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