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The story of ex-soldier Hosteen Storm and his companions, a group of genetically altered animals with whom he has a telepathic connection. Two books by Norton and Susan Shwartz. Military SF in a milieu where humans are initially only permitted out into the wider universe as mercenaries. The story of two men trying to escape their status as displaced people or "dipples". This series also has links to the Janus and Forerunner series.

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The fourth book may have been cancelled due to copyright issues after Norton's death in Featuring the Forerunners, an incomprehensible yet powerful vanished alien race whose artefacts survive them. This series is also tied to the "Janus" and "Dipple" books. The story of Naill Renfro who, changed by an alien artefact, sets out to protect the planet of Janus from external threats.

Linked to the "Dipple" and "Forerunner" series. Linked to the "Forerunner" stories. The other books are included here for completeness but had no input from Norton.

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For further details see Trillium series. A series following Murdoc Jern, son of a murdered interstellar gem trader, who discovers that the ring his father left him contains one of the powerful Zero Stones. This series is also tied to the "Forerunner" books, which happen after. This section does not include four Witch World anthologies. Five anthologies edited by Norton and Martin H.

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Greenberg , published by DAW books. Adams is credited with the four Prologues and the Biographical Notes for volume 4, Norton with the Biographical Notes for volume 1 vols. She also wrote crime fiction, romantic fiction, and historical fiction, mainly before James Reid [1] — nongenre — complete text vi. She was the editor of a literary page in the school's paper called The Collinwood Spotlight for which she wrote short stories. During this time, she wrote her first book, Ralestone Luck, which was eventually published as her second novel in Jane Elizabeth Norton 25 October - 24 November was an English librarian and bibliographer, bibliographer of Edward Gibbon and editor of his correspondence.

Harry Norton, a mathematical population geneticist at Trinity College, Cambridge. There she corresponded with Andre Gide, helping him to find books of interest in English. During the wa. The story is a blend of science fiction with sword and sorcery, continuing the premise that Norton introduced in The Crossroads of Time, mingling technologically advanced aliens from Earth with the natives of the far-off world Gorth and a native culture that has achieved the development level of Medieval Europe. Premise In her prologue, Norton mentions the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics that Hugh Everett III had presented the year before Star Gate was published.

On the assumption that every quantum interaction splits the universe into two copies that evolve along separate historical tracks, Norton postulated a mechanism that enables people to travel between alternate versions of the same world and even meet alternate versions of themselves.

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Plot Long ago people came from beyond the sky and landed on Gorth. There they raised the humanoid natives out of the wild state. It is part of Norton's Forerunner universe. In the republished version Norton changed the word Reds to Russians. No change was made in the story. Plot While seeking water for his cattle Travis Fox enters a little known canyon in the Arizona desert and gets captured by three men, one of whom he recognizes as Dr.

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It was published in by Gnome Press in an edition of 5, copies. The book is the second volume of the author's Solar Queen series. Free Traders take on trading contracts on remote and recently discovered planets, which can be dangerous and unpredictable. The Solar Queen has recently obtained a valuable trading contract on the planet Sargol and are building a relationship with one of the races on the planet, the cat-like Salariki.

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The process goes slowly till the Salariki discover that the Solar Queen is carrying catnip and other plants from Terra that are unknown on Sargol. The traders exchange what little of the plants they have for the rare and valuable Koros stones and collect a native red-colored wood to exchange at home. At the las. It was first published in , and has been printed in several editions.

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It was updated by Norton in to account for real world changes. The Time Traders introduces the premise: a confrontation between Western heroes and the "Reds", AKA the Soviets, plus the "Baldies", a mysterious alien race that has used time travel to alter Earth. This novel alternates among the present day, a trading tribal society in Britain, B. Premise In her Time Trader novels Norton tacitly assumes that the physics of time travel differs so significantly from the physics of space travel, especially hyperdrive-propelled interstellar flight, that a civilization that discovers the technology of one simply will not discover the technology of the other.

Background The First Galactic Empire is disintegrating, and petty tyrants are creating their own fiefdoms. Near the Empire's edge, a Central Control agent seeks to rid himself of the Stellar Patrol, the last protector of law and order in the empire, by sending it out to locate lost stellar systems. Ships are sent to retrieve and align these systems under the benign rule of Central Control.

The ship at the heart of the story is the Scout ship Starfire.

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  7. Living among the humans are several kinds of aliens. All the aliens possess, to some degree, t. This is a list of book lists bibliographies on Wikipedia, organized by various criteria.

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    The sequel is Ordeal in Otherwhere. Plot Shann Lantee is lucky to be alive. He had sneaked out of the small Terran base on the planet Warlock in the Circe system to find two artificially evolved wolverines, Taggi and his mate Togi, and bring them back to the base before anyone notices that they are missing. While he is gone a force of Throgs, implacably hostile insectoid aliens, attacks the base and kills all of its occupants. Shann moves across country with the wolverines and sees a downed scoutship explode and destroy a Throg flying disc.

    A wounded Throg confronts Shann, but a well-aimed rock kills it. Together the two men leave the scene and begin living off the.

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    It was published in by Gnome Press in an edition of 4, copies. The information on the planet, which comes with the contract, does not look promising, but things look up a bit when a team of archaeologists hires Solar Queen to take them to Limbo. On Limbo the archaeologists set up camp in. Eugene Myers, pen name E.

    Quantum Coin. New York: Pyr. First Novels Club. May 20, Retrieved December 22, Myers - Summary Bibliography". Retrieved January 8, December 9, September 15, Retrieved September 24, The Stars Are Ours! It describes the first interstellar voyage, undertaken to escape the tyranny that rules the Earth. Plot summary Back story The Moon, Mars and Venus have been explored and found unsuitable for colonization. Back on the Earth, two very different factions compete to determine the future of humanity: the Free Scientists, who refuse to accept political, racial and religious divisions, and the nationalists.

    Armed men seize control of one of the space stations orbiting the planet, convert it into a weapon, and perhaps accidentally devastate most of the world's heavily populated areas. A fanatic named Arturo Renzi rises up, blaming the catastrophe on the scientists and "techneers" and espousing a return to a simpler, less technological life.


    When he is assassinated, the Free Scientists are hunted down. Within a period of three days, most are killed; the few remain. Traveling at sub-light speed, with its crew and passengers in suspended animation, the ship coasts for centuries, finally reaching a star with an Earth-like planet, Astra, on which the ship lands.

    On that alien world the humans befriended sentient humanoids, the amphibious merpeople, who appear to have evolved from creatures similar to otters. The new colonists also discover the ruins of cities once occupied by Those Others, a different species of people that the merpeople fear. Plot Dalgard Nordis, with his knife brother Sssuri, has gone on his man-journey. Three generations after. The book includes a history of the world, a guide and maps to its various lands, character creation rules, Witch World magic and psionics, magic items, and creatures.

    It covers both the western continent and eastern continents where the book stories took place, but does not venture beyond those territories. It also does not cover the areas of Witch World which have been "newly discovered" by Norton and her co-authors subsequent to The book is divided into eight chapters and an appendix, covering the history, geography, the creation of GURPS characters, and the system of color-based magic used in those lands. It also gives a description of variou. Franklin Robert Adams August 31, — January 4, , who wrote as Robert Adams, was an American science fiction and fantasy writer, and formerly a career soldier.

    He is best known for his Horseclans books. Writings Robert Adams is known primarily for his post-apocalyptic fiction.