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She befriends two other outcasts at school: one who thinks she is a reincarnated slave from the s, the other who believes he is the offspring of an alien. The three come to believe that Bee is a changeling, a hideous elf who was switched at birth for the human Bee. This spooky short novel includes tantalizing fragments of poems by Yeats and Shelley. Mug shots and crime scene photographs capture the lawlessness of the period.

An epilogue highlights recent shootings, legislation, and continuing questions about guns in America.

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Evie 15 and her mother set off for Florida with her stepfather Joe. A suspicious boating accident forces Evie to re-examine her relationships with Peter, her mother, and her stepfather. This stylish novel has the atmosphere of a glamorous old movie. Soon Kit is way over her head, caught in a web of intrigue, love, betrayal, and murder. Above by Leah Bobet Ages 14—up Safe is an underground refuge for the misfits and the sick who have escaped from Above. Matthew is the Teller of Safe, responsible for remembering and guarding the stories of all who live in Safe.

Then the only person ever to have been exiled from Safe returns with an army of shadows and Matthew escapes with Jack Flash, who can generate electricity, and Ariel, who turns into a bee when stressed.

As the three try to reclaim Safe they must grapple with long-hidden secrets and truths. This magical fantasy blends the real and the fantastic into a complex and heartbreaking whole. An Inheritance of Ashes by Leah Bobet Ages 12—up Set in a future North America where civilization has reverted to a 19th century level, Hallie 16 and her older sister Marthe wait on the family farm for whoever will return from the distant battlefield to the south. The battle is against the Wicket God Southward, who arrived through a rent in the universe along with its Twisted Things.

Jimmy has been leading a gang that goes out on Saturday nights looking for Latinos to terrorize. Now Jimmy and his best friend Sean have been arrested for a vicious beating of a young El Salvadoran, who dies of his injuries. This powerful novel honestly deals with the theme of a racially motivated hate crime within a community determined to cover it up.

The Compound by S. Bodeen Ages 12—up Ellis, the year old son of a billionaire, has spent the last six years in the massive underground shelter his father built to shelter the family from the nuclear war that destroyed the world above. The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker Ages 15—up Elizabeth 16 and her best friend Caleb hunt witches for the Inquisitor, Lord Blackwell, in an alternative medieval England where witchcraft of any kind is banned. Elizabeth firmly believes that witches are evil and deserve to be burnt at the stake, until her own innocent possession of herbs causes Lord Blackwell to arrest her and sentences her to death.

Elizabeth is rescued by Nicholas Perevil, a wizard who hopes Elizabeth can rescue him from a deadly curse.

Pathfinders: The Journeys of 16 Extraordinary Black Souls by Tonya Bolden Ages 10—14 The 16 short biographical stories are presented in chronological order, beginning with Venture Smith, the son of a West Aftican prince who was sold into slavery, freed himself and his family, and fought in the Revolutionary War. An badly injured French woman gave Gloria her baby to care for. Her classmates teased her unmercifully, and the Parvi Pennati a Small Person with Wings who hates to be called a fairy moved out. Now 13, Mellie and her family move into an inn inherited from her grandfather.

Before long Mellie finds that she has not left her problems behind. The inn is infested with Parvi, and Mellie learns that her family must honor a thousand-year old agreement to provide a home for the Parvi.


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Themes of bullying and alcoholism are explored in this clever and humorous fairy story. Saving Hamlet by Molly Booth Ages 12—up Emma is excited about the start of her high school sophomore year. She has joined the drama club and is given the job of assistant stage manager for the production of Hamlet. But everything goes wrong very quickly: the soccer star playing Hamlet is terrible, her best friend stops talking to her, and she is suddenly promoted to stage manager despite having no experience at all.

Then Emma falls through a trapdoor and comes out in the Globe Theater in With her short hair everyone, including Will Shakespeare, thinks she is a boy and she struggles to understand Elizabethan English while learning the job of backstage assistant in the premiere of Hamlet. When he discovered that the image was being used as Holocaust-denying propaganda, he decided to share his memories.

Assisted by his daughter Debbie, he learned that of the 3, Jews living in Zarki, Poland before the Holocaust, fewer than 30 survived. This moving memoir gives a very human face to the horrors of the Holocaust.

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The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow Ages 14—up Four centuries after an AI known as Talis took over the world to prevent humanity from destroying itself, peace is maintained by keeping one child of each world leader hostage. If a war is started, the child of that leader will be killed. Greta is used to her role, but the arrival of Elian, a new hostage from the American Alliance who has no intention of playing by the rules, changes everything. Then the American Alliance declares war on the Pan Polar Confederacy, putting both of their lives at risk. When she returns for the start of the next school year, she is worried that everyone will find out.

Marianna, the new girl in town, wants Amber for her best friend, and Wren is compromised by the secret she is hiding. Then Wren learns that Marianna had to ask the same questions that Wren is worrying about now. He is attacked by a gang and fleeing a group of armed men when he stumbles across a toddler, Jen, and her teen-aged mother, Becky. Blade becomes their unwilling protector as he tries to elude his pursuers, unsure if they are after him or Becky.

This intense and bleak thriller ends with a cliff-hanger.


Disguised as a boy, Kate 18 sets off west in search of vengeance. She is joined by Jesse and Will Colton, brothers in search of gold, and guided by Liluye, an Apache girl. Young Jack is rescued by a powerful Samurai who adopts him and trains him to join the warrior class. Since he is a foreigner, Jack is treated as an outcast at Samurai school and must use all his wit and skill to survive and succeed.

First in a projected trilogy, this fast-paced adventure set in medieval Japan is full of spellbinding bits of history, culture, and martial arts. On alternating weeks, Ray and Sascha, who he has never met, stay in the same bedroom at the summerhouse. One summer Emma gets engaged, Mattie discovers a family secret, and Ray finally gets to meet Sascha. This funny and tragic novel explores the long-held grudges of split families. Going Bovine by Libba Bray Ages 14—up Cameron Smith 16 is coasting through high school in the shadow of his perfect sister. In the hospital he is visited by Dulcie, a neon pink angel who just may be a hallucination.

Dulcie convinces Cameron to go on a quest to find a cure and save the world with the help of Gonzo, a neurotic dwarf, and Balder, a Norse god who is trapped in the form of a garden elf. Merrow by Ananda Braxton-Smith Ages 14—up Neen Marrey 12 has been raised by her aunt Ushag since she was a toddler, her father downed while out fishing, and her mother disappeared soon afterward.

The villagers of Carrick whisper unkind speculations, but Neen, who loves the tales of blind fiddler Skully Slevin of merrow mermaids , selkies, krakens, and changelings, secretly believes that her mother returned to her merrow family to live below the sea. Poppy is a troubled teen, causing trouble wherever she goes. Ember is a young witch, struggling to make a place for herself within the coven. After a chance meeting in the woods they become friends, they share knowledge of their different worlds and discover the reason for their uneasiness — the evil witch Raven Hawkweed switched the babies at birth.

A homeless boy named Leo captures both of their hearts and drives them apart, just as they are trying to come to terms with their true identities. The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough Ages 12—up Flora is black and Henry is white, and the odds of them becoming a couple in depression-era Seattle are slight. But their similarities outweigh their differences: both are 17, orphans, and musicians.

And they are the current pawns of Love Henry who plays bass and baseball and Death Flora who sings and wants to be a pilot. Airplanes and music bring the two together with surprising results.

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Black Rabbit Summer by Kevin Brooks Ages 12—up Five teens, formerly close friends and now acquaintances, visit their long-abandoned hideout. The next morning Raymond, who believes his black rabbit can talk, and a young starlet who was taunting him the evening before are missing. As the police hunt for the celebrity, Pete searches for Raymond. This brooding thriller explores teenaged alienation and the nature of relationships.

Touching portrayal of tough issues with an empathetic narrator who introduces shades of gray into the usual black and white view of sexuality and gender. Stories of selflessness and courage are balanced against examples of racism, incompetence, and criminality. Marking the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina,a portion of the proceeds from this book has been donated to Habitat for Humanity New Orleans. As a graduation present, her best friends Bethany and Zack have the road trip all planned.

Then Alex falls for Cole, a new senior who she feels truly loves and understands her. But Cole is jealous of her friendship with Zack, and prone to violent rages. When Nick brings a shotgun to school and begins shooting people on the list before killing himself, Val is wounded trying to stop him.

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Their family life centers around establishing routines to make Grayson feel comfortable, so Kendra compensates by trying to be perfect academically and personally. When a cheating scandal threatens to destroy her academic success, Kendra snaps and drags Grayson off on a road trip from Missouri to California, hoping to find a way to fix both their lives. The bond and rivalry between siblings is sensitively explored in this road trip novel. In , Mary and her family left Illinois to settle in California.

Mary cares for her younger siblings, helps move rocks and trees blocking the wagons, and endures thirst in the desert. The worst is the final ordeal when they become trapped in the ice and snow at Donnor Pass, resorting to cannibalism in order to survive. Spark is horrified to discover that Stowney House has no modern conveniences, not even a telephone or electricity. The handwritten notebooks begin in the court of Louis XIV in Versailles and continue to the present, all written in the same handwriting. John Stone is a year-old semperviven, both blessed and cursed with very long life, who hopes that Spark will help him and the other sempervivens hide their true nature.